Virtual and Blended Learning Centres

With our growing network of Virtual and Blended Licensed Partner Learning Centres which are well equipped with Interactive classrooms, computer Labs, virtual and webinar classrooms and library spaces. These Learning centres provide to complement a conducive Virtual and Blended Learning environment consisting of Technology and Conventional Learning experience.

Career and Learning Centre Opportunities 

Maple International Academy is growing and expanding, we invite interested individuals or parties to be part of our teaching team or Learning education centre partner.

Collaboration Opportunity in

Malaysia and Asia.

  • Be a part of Maple International Academy collaboration eco-system to maximise collective gains as a group.
  • Significant growth in student enrolment versus the overcrowded & stagnated IGCSE centres.
  • Enhanced blended teaching and learning environment. A combination of holistic traditional teaching methods merging with technology.
  • Consistent Maple International Academy corporate branding and concepts for growth development – signboards, etc
  • Online Education Platform with ready content, assessment, tests, library resources for consistent delivery of education standards

Licensing Enquiry Form